ICCC has two preschool NAEYC Accredited and EEC licensed classrooms. The Preschool 1 classroom serves children ages 2.9 years-4 years old. The Preschool 2 classroom serves children ages 4-5 and a few before and after school children up to the age of 8.

The Preschool 1 classroom is licensed for seventeen children, in this classroom there are 2 teachers. The Preschool 2 classroom is licensed for 19 children and also has 2 teachers. There is a floating teacher that goes between the two classrooms to help out where needed.

Both classrooms are set-up for the children to explore freely throughout the day. Materials are all stored on child accessible shelving units. Each classroom is set up into smaller learning areas so children can work in small or large groups during free-play time. Both classrooms have their own individual bathroom for the children to use.

The Preschool classrooms are set-up into Manipulative Area, Dramatic Play Area, Math Area, Science Area, Block Area, Book/Quiet Area, Art Area, Sensory Area and the Preschool 2 classroom has a computer for the children to use on their own. All areas are fully stocked with age-appropriate and area appropriate materials for the children to use at their own discretion.

 Curriculum is planned for the entire classroom using different themed units. Teachers plan their own developmentally appropriate curriculum using the Massachusetts Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences, NAEYC Standards, Creative Curriculum and the results of the individual children’s assessment results.

 Assessments of your child’s development are sent home to parents three times throughout the year; winter, spring and fall.